Nursery Ministry:
 The purpose of the Cradle Roll is to provide encouragement and materials to assist young parents as they raise their children with spiritual nourishment.

Friendly Visitors: Shut-In MinistrY

The purpose of the Shut-In ministry is to give spiritual encouragement and support to our shut-in members. We want them to know they are always a part of our Christian family.

Sun-Shine Senders

The Sunshine Senders sends cards of greeting and well wishes and prayers to the sick and shut in of the congregation. These monthly prayers and thoughts encourage those who are carrying crosses of health and age.

Karing Kitchen

A group of willing cooks who provide meals once a week for members who because of illness are unable to cook for themselves.

Mom’s Group

A fellowship and service group for mothers of young children. This group meets twice a month for Bible study, fellowship and support


   Women in God’s Service is the steering committee for the Women’s Programs in the congregation. This group of ladies, coordinates the various Women’s activities and ministries, as well as the social functions within the church. The ladies serve two year terms with two women rotating off every year.

Dinners: Funerals, Potlucks & Special Meals 

Funeral Dinners—to provide support and assistance to our members in time of grief

Potlucks & Special Meals
  to provide opportunities for fellowship with other members.


The Juniors Advancing Ministry is our Middle School youth group. Leaders for these young adults will help them develop activities, guide them in Bible study and act as supervisors to the group.

Are drawn from the male members of the congregation, from confirmation age up. They assist all who attend by distributing the bulletin, collecting the offering and in other needed services.


This is our Sunday morning Bible study for the children in the congregation. Based on Jesus’ parable of finding the treasure, this group seeks to instill in the children a love for the word. 


The Altar Guild

 The purpose of the Altar Guild is to provide our members with the opportunity to share our oneness in faith through the body and blood of our Lord Jesus.

This will involve caring for the Altar, Fair Linens, Paraments, preparing Communion, and cleaning Communion ware. 

Volunteers serve on a team which serves currently about once a year.

Banner Builders
These volunteers help to beautify our sanctuary with banners. Currently they make 1- 2 banners a year.

Care Callers
This is a telephone ministry in which callers contact congregational members to inform and remind them of special events.

Chancel Choir

 Lend their voices to our worship for special occasions and services. This group is made for high school age and up. The choir meets every Wednesday at 7:00 pm except during the summer.

Children’s Choir

 Nursery Choir—the 3 year old—2nd grade children of the congregation

 Youth Choir—children in grades 3-8

Explorer Leaders

 The Explorers are our Grade School youth group. Leaders for these young adults will help them develop activities, guide them in Bible study and act as supervisors to the group.


 With a cheery smile and a warm handshake, they welcome both members and visitors. Again a schedule is sent out to each family as their turn approaches.

Helping Hands

      Volunteers who help to prepare weekly service folders and special bulletins by collating and placing in mail slots.


Mentors are longer termed members who “adopt” newer members and confirmands. They regularly invite to participate in various church activities and take a special interest in their membership.


Volunteers who conduct a brief worship service for Nursing Home residents once a month.