Pastor's Message 



“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”   Isaiah 43:19

Starting Over With God


How many times do you suppose you have said or heard it said, "If only I had it to do over again..."?

As a child I used to play with a toy called an Etch-a-sketch. If you messed up, all you had to do was shake the thing a couple of times and you got a clean screen - a chance to start all over.

Wouldn't it be nice if some parts of life were like that Etch-a-Sketch... Things like, say, your maxed out credit card account? Just pick up the card, shake it a couple of times, and the bill gets paid off?

I know. It doesn't work that way. Neither does most of the rest of life. You may dream of someday finding a winning lottery ticket blowing along in a street gutter somewhere, but the chances of that happening are pretty scarce.

It is possible to start all over with God, though.  Forgiveness is a divine etch-a-sketch.  Each day God’s compassion is renewed.   The blood of Jesus never runs out.  He never tires of His children asking for forgiveness.  He never becomes stingy in applying grace to a troubled conscience.  He never wearies of lifting the fallen. 

Christ’s forgiveness is not starting over with a clean or blank slate.  Oh no.  God’s forgiveness is more than that.  He substitutes Christ’s righteousness for our unrighteousness.  He not only removes our sin, but He puts Christ’s holiness in our place.  We start over full of perfection.

What a way to start again!

Prayer:  Heavenly Father, thank you for such mercy and grace that you me to continually start over in absolute perfection.  Amen

In our Savior,
Pastor Eich


After attending the University of Washington,  John Eich received his B.A. from Northwestern College in Watertown, WI.  He then attended Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon, Wi. receiving his Masters in Divinity.   He was assigned to Grace Lutheran Church in Alma, MI in 1985.  He also served Zion Lutheran in neighboring St. Louis, Mi. until both churches merged to become Good Shepherd Lutheran.  

He serves on various district and synodical boards.  He frequently writes for the synodical magazine "Forward in Christ."  He has also been involved in the translation and review of the Evangelical Heritage Version of the Bible, a new translation of the Bible which is being prepared.

In 1983 he married Susan Ann Wendt who has been his best friend and help mate since.  Together they raised three boys who are now living their faith in Jesus away from mom and dad.