Pastor's Message 



And God created the great sea monsters, and every living creature that moves, with which the waters swarmed after their kind, and every winged bird after its kind; and God saw that it was good. Gen 1:21

The Chicken Came First

I was watching a television commercial the other day and one fellow asked another if he knew which came first -- the chicken or the egg. His answer was that he really didn't know. Well I know because the Bible tells me. In our chosen Scripture it tells us that God CREATED the winged birds. And since a chicken is a winged bird, it came first.

I know most of the time the question is asked in a silly way assuming that there really is no way to answer the question, because you have to have an egg to get a chicken, and you have to have a chicken to get an egg. But the answer becomes elementary when you know God and understand that His Word, the Bible, is absolutely correct.

So how does that apply to you and me, and our respective businesses, lives and families? It is simple.  We must look at things from the perspective that there really is a God, and He has left us some Living Words. Let those Living Words guide you in your daily life.

The Bible tells us that GOD CREATED all that is. Something did not rise from nothing. Really, God is the only answer for the universe that makes any sense. If you follow the logic of those that do not believe in Creation you must sometime in the process come to a place where something came from nothing -- Or something was always here which would indicate that there is something eternal. And that something is GOD. To me one of the most beautiful thoughts that I have had concerning creation is the progression we see in God's order. He waited to last to create HIS PRIZE!!

Humanity is God's prize. He values you more than the awesome Rocky Mountains. He values you more than the whales and the baby seals. In fact He valued you so much that He was willing to send His Son to earth, and let Him suffer a horrible death to redeem you from an eternal separation from Himself.

Think about it.  How much sense does it make to take a generous portion of your income and put it in a basket, hat, or whatever vessel is available every Sunday Morning?? Unless of course there really is a God.  And there is. Then it makes all the sense in the world.

 How much sense does it make to be kind and loving to someone that continues to make every effort to show you how much they hate you? Unless of course there really is a God.

Knowing there is a God changes how we view laws, social trends, how we relate to our families, workers, employers, and classmates.   Knowing there is a God affects how we choose our recreation, entertainment, and values.  Knowing there is a God changes our plans for life, retirement and death.

And remember you have an answer to the age old dilemma of which came first -- the chicken or the egg!!

Prayer:  Heavenly Father, help me live each day and each situation in a way that says You are there, alive, well and the source of my everything.  Amen


After attending the University of Washington,  John Eich received his B.A. from Northwestern College in Watertown, WI.  He then attended Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon, Wi. receiving his Masters in Divinity.   He was assigned to Grace Lutheran Church in Alma, MI in 1985.  He also served Zion Lutheran in neighboring St. Louis, Mi. until both churches merged to become Good Shepherd Lutheran.  

He serves on various district and synodical boards.  He frequently writes for the synodical magazine "Forward in Christ."  He has also been involved in the translation and review of the Evangelical Heritage Version of the Bible, a new translation of the Bible which is being prepared.

In 1983 he married Susan Ann Wendt who has been his best friend and help mate since.  Together they raised three boys who are now living their faith in Jesus away from mom and dad.